• DeathStarInfographic-Shot1

    The Death Star By The Numbers

    MTV.com: A statistical breakdown of details pertaining to the Death Star from Star Wars.

  • WalkingDeadChronology-Shot5

    The Walking Dead Chronology (Season 4, Part 2)

    MTV.com: A linear chart that displays each survivor faction’s activities on ‘The Walking Dead.’

  • 6DegreesOfJLaw-Shot1

    6 Degrees of J-Law

    MTV.com: Chart showing Jennifer Lawrence’s 6 degrees of separation from other 2014 Oscar nominees.

  • OriginalsVsRemakes-Shot1

    Originals & Remakes: The Box Office Comparison

    Movies.com: Chart that compares the domestic box office grosses of recent movie remakes and their respective originals.

  • VinceVaughn'sKid-Screenshot1

    Are You Vince Vaughn’s Kid?

    MTV.com: A flow chart that uses various Vince Vaughn movie quotes to deduce if Vince Vaughn is the viewer’s father.

  • Infographic-TheNaughtyVideoChart-1

    The Naughty Video Chart

    MTV.com: Chart that compares assorted characteristics – both ordinary and provocative – of music videos by Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and Calvin Harris.

  • TimberlakeVsThicke-1-680width

    Who Will Be This Year’s ‘King Of Summer’?

    MTV.com: A stylized chart that pits pops stars Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke against one another in terms of Video Music Awards wins, singles sales and other statistics.

  • MovieRoleRepeats-Horiz680

    Movie Role Repeats

    NextMovie.com: Infographic that showcases a selection of actors who have played the same starring role multiple times throughout their career.

  • MeltdownIndex1-Horiz680

    The Meltdown Index

    MTV.com: A chart that compares and contrasts the notoriously bad behavior of Britney Spears and Justin Bieber over the course of their careers.

  • FerrellWheel1b-Horiz680

    The Ferrell Wheel

    MTV.com: Visual retrospective that chronologically depicts noteworthy quotes and roles from 16 movies in Will Ferrell’s filmography.

  • YoungAdultHeroines-Horiz680

    Young Adult Heroines

    NextMovie.com: Chart that compares the similarities and differences between 8 popular heroines from “YA” literature-based movies.

  • SnowballFight2-Horiz680

    Snowball Fight

    Syracuse New Times: Infographic that visually translates various statistics and facts regarding Upstate New York’s Golden Snowball Award.

  • Voting2012Infographic1-Horiz680

    Know Your 2012 Voting Deadlines

    TheNewshouse.com: Interactive infographic that visually represents voting registration deadlines and other relevant presidential election facts.